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Allied    23 Nov 2016

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Central Pictures has given a grants season discharge date of Nov. 23 for “Allied,” Brad Pitt’s World War II sentimental thriller.

“Allied,” delivered by GK Films, additionally stars Marion Cotillard and is coordinated by Robert Zemeckis. The film is shooting in London, with generation likewise occurring in the Canary Islands.

Zameckis is coordinating from a script by Steven Knight (“The Hundred-Foot Journey”). Graham King, who won an Oscar for “The Departed,” is delivering with Zemeckis, and Steve Starkey.

Denis O’Sullivan, Jack Rapke (“Flight”),” Jackie Levine, Patrick McCormick and Knight are serving as official makers.
Pitt is depicting a knowledge officer in 1942 North Africa who experiences a French Resistance contender, played by Cotillard, on a lethal mission behind adversary lines.

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  1. iga says:

    hd please

  2. Prester John says:

    The film Allied (2016) simply fails “the first seven minutes rule”: it repels.

    Later on it amounts to a cumbersome, awkwardly layered, yet pancake flat and ultimately an abysmal jaunt, doused with saccharine digital technology, which promises, out-of-the-chute, to “go nowhere, old-school”, and it achieves its clopping pace, amid a non-loci trajectory …. paradoxically, woefully fast.

    Save your time and money; pick some other film: there are better “black comedies out there for the taking”.

    Compelled as critic to actually view any film reviewed, suffice it to know that Allied’s pasty-faced two lead actors spew douce-dialogue (“suggesting” a hollow “seriousness” that overlays a vapid, expectably cliché, mangled-multi-arced script), and the film’s other too self-conscious bids eg, its overt CGI generated “aged” ie, its sallow-semi-sepia-esque patina, combine to render this highly formulaic “Brad Pitt wannabe-Oscar-Bid” vehicle (yet another leap into that aimless dumbbell abyss) as just another, all too obviously, “Leonardo Di Caprio orbit” strange aspiration.

    Avoid Allied, it’s a mess of a film.

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