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The Hateful Eight    08 Jan 2016

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Tarantino’s new Western to a wild-tag travel group, which gets into a snow storm with the coach.

In which, as Tarantino himself has had more from television because of the movie inspired board game dealing with eight people, which a few years after the American civil war seemingly at random in a hut before a snow storm seek refuge. After it is revealed however that there is a connection between them that the war has left. Interesting group dynamics, which is fueled by revenge, deceit and mistrust is created as a result.

The eight figures indicated in the title of the Chamber game are portrayed in typical Tarantino fashion by an illustrious cast. This includes familiar faces from earlier works of exceptional Director such as Samuel L. Jackson, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, as are Kurt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Bruce Dern and Channing Tatum on board. On the way to red rock by the poorest population Federal State of the United States, Wyoming, the two Bounty Hunter John Ruth and major Marquis Warren, see themselves forced Ruth’s prisoners Daisy Doumergue and Chris Mannix, in “Minnie’s Tezukuri” stop to make. There, they meet Smithers and Oswaldo Mobray to her surprise on the Mexican Bob, the cowboy Joe, General. The first random-seeming coincidence turns out immediately as a settlement for atrocities during the civil war happened.

How exactly the plot puzzle is, remains as mysterious as Channing Tatum role. Long time it was open, whether he ever would be seen on title on the “magnificent seven” on the big screen. As a result of the leaks of the original script and a dispute with the Web site Gawker, which made the script of a wide range available, Tarantino has decided eventually for the filming after having played in the meantime with the idea to publish the material only in book form.

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    finally able to watch as well, maybe this can help The Hateful Eight (2015)

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    may god forgive their sins,

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