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Keanu    29 Apr 2016

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In Keanu, two harmless friends pretend to be to get back a stolen kitten dangerous drug dealer.

With Keanu, not about Keanu Reeves is meant, but a cat of the same name. She is the pet by Rell and his pride. After his girlfriend with him broke up, the tame animal runs to him and provides solace for him. Also Rells’s best friend Clarence the absolute conviction: Keanu is the sweetest cat he has ever seen. Harder it is true the two new cats Papas, as her striped miracle is kidnapped after a break-in.

Rather than accept the loss, the two make looking after their adidas. Quickly becomes clear however, that the perpetrators move in the circles of real gangsters and because the friends with crime and violence inside have nothing on the hat, they have to offer her whole acting talent not to be noticed between drug dealers and street gangs and at the same time the one or the other shooting to survive.

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