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Logan    03 Mar 2017

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IMDB: 7.2/10 741 votes

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“Logan” happens in the year 2024. The film is dim. Darker than some other “Wolverine” or “X-Men” film.

Old Man Logan is in full impact. Logan looks terrible, and drinks a great deal. For work, he drives a 2024 Chrysler 300 limo that looks altered in the front to look more cutting edge. He’s debilitated, his forces are blurring, and he recuperates a great deal more gradually and in some cases not in any manner. Those are a portion of the subtle elements TheWrap can only share for “Logan,” the third Wolverine film and the keep going for star Hugh Jackman. On Wednesday, he and executive James Mangold at long last uncovered the title for the film, and a blurb that demonstrate’s Logan’s pawed hand held by the little hand of a youngster.

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  1. KYS says:

    This is not the full movie

    • Jone Kayet says:

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    • Stri says:

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    • anonym says:

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    • shoponbd says:

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    • Hugh Jackman says:

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    • troy says:

      I am no X-men movies or superhero movies fan. I watched all previous Xmen and Wolverine movies and they were OK to me.

      This is a movie with no satisfying introduction or ending. There is a lot of good and funny dialog in it but sometimes it is out of the place. The bad guys are easily the worst part of the movie. There is no single memorable villain in it. Action scenes are good but kinda repetitive. There were few times that I could feel that audience in cinema was bored. Overall, it is a good movie more focused on drama then action. I must say the IMDb rating is a way too high. Fairly should have be around 7.5-8.

      • gav says:

        that’s unfair? This is the bootleg version. You haven’t gotten the full experience, yet you’re so quick to judge it. This was a great movie; but it deserves a second watch in better condition. You’re not even qualified to judge yet.

    • agnes says:

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  2. nisa says:

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    • nisa says:

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    • dedak says:

      I was so excited to watch Logan and I’m glad that it didn’t disappoint me. It lived up to my expectations and even more! The first act of the movie is a slow burn but it builds up to a very entertaining action scene. The second act is personally my favorite, I enjoyed every second of it. What makes it special is that the director took time building up a scene, it felt like I was watching a drama instead of an action film and that’s a thing that most superheros movies don’t dare to do these days. Everyone in the cast did a great job and I’m gonna miss Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier

    • LIam Khoa says:

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  3. FLFR says:

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  6. Cassandra says:

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  7. prianka says:

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  10. Andrea says:

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  11. sushil pandit says:

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  20. Admin says:

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  21. Shashadafdaf says:

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  22. dawn says:

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  26. whatever324523 says:

    dont watch it, its cut to piecves most of the best scenes are missing

  27. Martina says:

    Am I the only one who can’t see it? It says “it maybe got delated by the owner or was removed due to a copyright violation” 🙁

  28. Helena Luts says:

    Why does it not work!!!

  29. Nigelkartek says:

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  31. amelmar tagnong says:

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