Whiskey Tango Foxtrot (2016) Full Movie Online

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot    04 Mar 2016

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In the war comedy whiskey Tango Foxtrot drives himself around Tina Fey as a journalist in the war zone in Afghanistan and Pakistan, between all men.

Kim feels trapped in her bourgeois American existence. The profession of journalist is more boring than it sounds, and her friend bored them anyway. So what can do it, to get some excitement in your life? She can appoint themselves to the established and travels to Afghanistan.

First of all the many military codes such as whiskey Tango and co. in Kim’s ears only cause confusion. But on the ground in Kabul the helpful Tanya has a like they in the tricks and gimmicks of a female reporter in the Middle East. The foreigners living here in the district, which is also the nickname of “Fun House” and as Kim soon learns what it means to be, for the female gender is a sight that is becoming rare a woman surrounded by men.

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  1. Get Stuffed says:

    Don’t say full movie when it’s just a trailer. Twats. Easy way to lose all trust.

  2. I Will Ddos Soon says:

    Stop posting trailers

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